Sonya Craig is a science fiction author, pretend dinosaur expert, Trekker, car lover, cat lover, pizza lover, people lover, lots of other stuff lover, and overall standard homo sapien. She feels really weird talking about herself in the third person like this. She lives in Austin with her husband and daughters, Penny the ancient basset hound, Fat Cat who is fat and is a cat, and Fang the Bad Thang who is also a cat, and quite possibly a voracious Cloverfield monster in fuzzy disguise.

MeYardArtBastropForWebsiteThis is me and a friend posing with a big chicken while a deer keeps an eye out for cops. Yes, I’m a lawless, big chicken rebel.

FatCat25This is Fat Cat. He would like you to know that if you go near his cat treats, he will lovingly maim everything that you love. Lovingly.

Fang the Bad ThangThis is Fang the Bad Thang. See the Cloverfield Monster resemblance?

Thanks 14 trio of hotties3This is me and my gorgeous daughters.

PorscheThis is my gorgeous 1984 Porsche 911 Carrera Targa

zThis is my gorgeous 1978 Datsun 290 Z

ChurchladyDinoThis is a dinosaur that looks like Church Lady