Flowers That Do Not Look Like Our Current Dumpster Fire Of Abysmal Terribleness

I’ve been trying to write a post for a week now but every time I sat down at the computer, current world events and life stuff churned in my head in unfun ways. Every post turned into VISIT MY BLOG OF UTTER DESPAIR or THE 2500 WAYS EVERYTHING SUCKS.

So I tried for something more hopeful and ended up with: all the world feels like a raging trash fire of doom right now but, hey, hopefully one day soon it won’t feel so trash-fire-y and might maybe feel more utter-scorched-earthy but with the possible chance of pretty things able to bloom from the massive ruined landscape of ashes.

Then I decided that post wasn’t much better – and that I didn’t want to write about any of the metric shit-ton of awful stuff that comes at us on social media and the news every day anyway. I do what I can with my money and my vote and my volunteer time to take action to help others and lessen pain wherever I can. But for this particular blog post, I decided I just wanted to provide some small space where others could visit to forget the dumpster fires and doom for a brief moment.

One of the ways I manage the daily yucky-life-stuff-overload is to step back from the onslaught for short periods, go online, and do searches of thoroughly random stuff. I like to pick word combinations  from the weird recesses of my brain and see where the search takes me. I might Google “marmot waffle” or “donut mugger” or “things that don’t suck”.

Today I ended up on “flower ape” and that led to related searches – and that led to a fascinating realm of anthropomorphic flora – and that led me to have to make up stories in my head for all the weird shit I saw – and THAT led me to this write this post.

So apologies in advance but here’s my NON-the-apocalypse-is-upon-us-and-it-is-a-solid-crapfest-of-icky-orange-ruination post.

Here is my brain on flowers…






Google “flowers that look like things” to find these and many more incredible and weird flowers. And I hope your day is not at all trash-fire-y but is a glorious wildflower field of awesomeness.

And speaking of flora, here’s Odette the Cactus who doesn’t always feel like her outside shows how pretty she is inside but today she feels like her inner prettiness is showing through and that makes her very happy.


As always, live weird and prosper, my friends.


Much love,




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