Inaugural Blog Post: An Origin Story

An Origin Story


As you may have heard (because I may have run down your street shouting about it at the top of my lungs while waving my arms and causing concerned dogs within a ten mile radius to bark incessantly), I have a publisher now – the awesome and incomparable Glass House Press. The first book in my Science Fiction series comes out in 2017. Yes!





I thought you might like to know the Origin Story for my series. It goes like this:


I was bitten by a radioactive tribble and wrote a SF series.


While doing sciency stuff in a science lab, I fell into a vat of toxic chemicals and wrote a SF series.


I read some Aldous Huxley in a park weirdly named Gamma Testing Range and wrote a SF series.


I suffered through a trauma so great (I bit into a cookie that I thought was chocolate chip but was actually oatmeal raisin), I became a mutant, and wrote a SF series.



I have mutated into a Pop Tart. Well this is a tiny bit problematic.


Or – I observed a lot of stuff in life and filtered it through my geeky SF-obsessed brain and wrote a SF series.


Rather than throwing around spoilers for my first book, I’ll toss out a couple hints.

  • Red shirts
  • The far more serious subject of the treatment of soldiers as expendables


I thought: You know how in the original Star Trek series the red shirts were always expendable? No one even knew their name. You always knew that the rando, nameless red shirt was gonna get offed, possibly in a really gruesome way. Maybe melted in the acidic emissions of a silicon-based life form. Maybe sucked dry of red corpuscles by a gaseous cloud that smells nice – for a homicidal cloud. Maybe turned into a chalky cuboctahedral block, crushed into dust, and left on the floor, not even to be vacuumed up by a futuristic Roomba or anything.


I thought about our real-life soldiers and how their reality isn’t much different. And this upset me, continues to upset me. I needed to process these feelings. I did so through writing. And I did so with a fair amount of humor, which is how I deal with pain. I hadn’t started out thinking “Book” or “Series”, but the work grew and evolved, and became a universe. A universe that I can’t wait to share with you.


Be on the lookout for more updates as we get closer to The Epic Day When My Series Is Published And I Run Screaming The News Through Your Neighborhood And Alarming All The Dogs Once Again.


Also, never wear a red shirt to a Star Trek Convention. (You’re welcome for this gratuitous safety tip.)




Until next time – Live weird and prosper, my friends!







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