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Sonya Craig is a Science Fiction author who lives in the music capital of the world, Austin Texas, despite having zero musical talent and questionable taste in music overall. The city of Austin graciously allows her to stay because her geektastic weirdness fits in perfectly.

She is published through Glass House Press and her first novel in the Pawn Series comes out in 2017.

She obtained her Masters of Science from University of Colorado and is a rabid Science Fiction geek who has not had her SF rabies vaccinations.


The Pawn Series Book One

With her prominent facial scar, seventeen-year-old State soldier Taiga Chavez is a reject among rejects in the oh-so-perfect Sol System. She longs to go Outbound, to escape her outcast status and find her place in the universe. Her loyalty finally earns her a mission but it isn’t the panacea she hoped for. On a planet inhabited by beings straight from a nightmare, and with secrets, lies, betrayal, and torn loyalties at every turn, Taiga’s mettle will be put to the test. The only thing at stake? Simply the fate of two worlds and billions of lives. So yeah, no pressure.



Me and some of Austin’s awesome public art